Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo Safari

"Fwend" looks depressed today.

Sometimes Ike likes to take pictures of... stuff. Random stuff that he likes. I don't know if giving a 3-year old a camera is a great idea in general, but it keeps him happy, so once in a while, we go for it. So far the worst thing that's happened to the camera is a few fingerprints on the lens.

Today's photo safari was all about the dog, the TV, and the favourite stuffed toy. And me, but I'm not posting those ones. They are... less than flattering.

Still stuck on "A Christmas Story"- or "Boy with Glasses Movie", as it's known around these parts.

Not quite sure what he was trying to achieve here... something very artistic, I'm sure. ;)

Jack didn't care much about "pitcher time". He was more concerned with nap time.

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