Thursday, January 6, 2011

Morning Person

How did we end up with a morning person in this family? I would have said it was impossible- AJ stays up late and sleeps in any time his work schedule allows it, my body clock is naturally set to "night owl"*, and Simon stays up late playing in his room every night (no matter how tired he is) and is then a major cranky-pants the next morning.

Ike, however, is a happy, happy little man in the morning. Fortunately for me, he's given up on the whole wide-awake-at-5-in-the-morning thing (whew!), and he now wakes up at a much more reasonable 7:00-ish. This morning he woke up singing "Mommy... Mommy... Moooooommyyyyy!", and when I opened the door he said, "A-MOWNIN', Mommy! Ike go couch, now?" After he got his diaper changed, he insisted on waking Simon up by taking him half a croissant and saying, "A-MOWNIN', Simey!" Simon just groaned and rolled over, but Ike seemed happy with that. He then proceeded to "A-MOWNIN'!" the dog, the cats, and the rats, and then he went to play with his trucks.

Almost makes it worth getting up before the sun. Almost. :)

*I've had to suppress this tendency for the last 5+ years, which has led to me needing to go to bed by 10 so that I can wake up with the kids and still feel like I need another 5 hours' sleep. Not quite a win-win, there.

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