Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Time

We finally got around to setting up our garden this week. I know it's late to be doing this, but this summer it's more just for the boys to get a feel for what growing a garden is like. If we actually manage to harvest something or see some flowers, it'll be a bonus.

Have I mentioned that we're on a bit of a tight budget? You might have noticed the... um... rustic look our garden bed has going on there. We didn't want to dig a garden (because we don't own the house), and actually buying lumber to build raised beds wasn't quite within our reach, so old campfire logs from the shed got put to use as our walls. There's plenty of earth there, so we'll just see how things go. Er, grow.
Putting the dirt in was the best part for the boys, because it meant digging and spreading and generally making a big mess. There's nothing Ike likes better than a chance to use his shovels.

We planted sunflowers, snow peas and radishes, because those were the seeds we had on hand. Since the tomato plants haven't grown at all since the dog dug them up, I guess there's not much hope for a major harvest of anything this year. Still, we saw some tiny radish leaves peeking out of the soil this morning, which was exciting for the boys. Maybe at our next house we'll have space and resources for a major planting initiative (assuming the boys haven't inherited my brown thumb, of course).

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